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  • Chiropractic di Indonesia - Dr. Dawson has had approximately 1 year of vacation before opening the first chiropractic office in Bali in 2000. “The need for Chiropractic is essential although there are traditional healers and great local knowledge. Chiropractic put science into the art of nature healing.” (Added: 2-Jun-2006 Hits: 172 Rating: 22 Votes: 22) [Rate It] [Report Dead Link]
  • Which Doctor??? - Ever since Hippocrates attributed illness to the circulation of various humours - or fluids - running through the human body, Westerners have considered medicine as a field of rational knowledge, a science with causes and effects, and a corpus of well-defined diseases and remedies. (Added: 18-May-2007 Hits: 90 Rating: 22 Votes: 22) [Rate It] [Report Dead Link]

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