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  • All in good fun - It could be that some see presean as sadistic because the two fighters involved, called pepadu, surrender their bodies for a regular beating with their opponent's penyalin, a stick made of rattan with a steel point. (Added: 24-May-2007 Hits: 80 Rating: 22 Votes: 22) [Rate It] [Report Dead Link]
  • Four Wheel Serendipity - The wind buffeted up the cliff as I peered with a sense of vertigo down the several hundred-meter drop to rogue Indian Ocean swells. From atop of this noble headland looking east to the island of Sumbawa and west out along Lombok's sinuous coastal fringe, waves broke silently against jagged bluffs and sentinellike sea stacks. (Added: 31-May-2007 Hits: 63 Rating: 22 Votes: 22) [Rate It] [Report Dead Link]
  • Inspired By Rinjani - A few girls seemed so happy at the edge of the bathing pool with its cool natural panorama. They immersed their bodies up to their short pants and shirts. The sun bounced off their yellow skin that evening, at the beautiful place called Narmada. (Added: 16-Jun-2007 Hits: 74 Rating: 22 Votes: 22) [Rate It] [Report Dead Link]
  • Lombok - Lombok - .information about getting there, climbing Mt. Rinjani, and getting to Flores (Added: 13-Jan-2000 Hits: 152 Rating: 0 Votes: 0) [Rate It] [Report Dead Link]
  • Lombok Destination Finder - Lombok is noticeably different than its close neighbour, Bali. The northern part of the island is mountainous and lush with tall tress and shrubs. The south, on the other hand is arid and covered by savannas. Large Asian mammals are absent and replaced instead by marsupials, lizards, cockatoos and parrots (Added: 18-Jan-2000 Hits: 542315 Rating: 99 Votes: 36542) [Rate It] [Report Dead Link]

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