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  • Bali Echo - Bali's bimonthly cultural journal and visitors' guide is reproduced almost in full online. It iswell worth a browse for its features on subjects as diverse as Kuta nightlife and black magic in Bali (Added: 9-May-2001 Hits: 43746 Rating: 344 Votes: 65465) [Rate It] [Report Dead Link]
  • Bali Echo 41 - Despite their intrinsic absurdity, myths of racial and cultural purity continue to be upheld in many of the world’s ethnic communities. Humans love to create myths and legends that can best be described as tribal, designating themselves as the first, the best, the purest and the closest to God (Added: 8-Jul-1999 Hits: 276 Rating: 0 Votes: 0) [Rate It] [Report Dead Link]
  • Bali Echo 52 - Wayang Wong Tejakula Sacred Art of Migrants The highly spiritual dance drama, wayang wong Tejakula, has its roots in a migrant community. Alpha Savitri explores this history, and the mystical tales that surround it. Kintamani is 98 kilometers from Denpasar (Added: 30-Apr-2001 Hits: 33620 Rating: 876 Votes: 65666) [Rate It] [Report Dead Link]
  • Bali Echo Visitor's Guide - On 21 April, Kartini Day, Indonesia celebrates on of its official national heroes. Raden Ajeng Kartini was born on that date in 1879 to a Javanese noble family. (Added: 19-May-1999 Hits: 252 Rating: 0 Votes: 0) [Rate It] [Report Dead Link]
  • Bali Echo Visitor's Guide - Bi-monthly web magazine that explores the arts, crafts, culture, Balinese people, environment, dance music,religion, resort, villas, boutique hotels and other facets of the Bali Island (Added: 30-Mar-1999 Hits: 265 Rating: 0 Votes: 0) [Rate It] [Report Dead Link]
  • Bali Echo Visitor's Guide - Since its establishment twenty years ago, Bali’s Festival of the Arts has primarily showcased the ‘traditional’ performing arts - by which is meant works based on Hindu epics or Balinese folk tales. (Added: 19-May-1999 Hits: 260 Rating: 0 Votes: 0) [Rate It] [Report Dead Link]

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